Thursday, May 20, 2010

A little Encouragement!!

Matthew 6:34

So do not worry about tomorrow; for tomorrow will care for itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.

Well ladies it has been a crazy week, and it is almost over can you bellieve it! My husband is suppose to get home tonight although it is looking as though it will be way after the kids are in bed because he has not even left Houston yet. This has been a good thing in a way though because I really wanted to b able to have the house all in order and spick and span when he got home. I know how it feels when you come home to a perfectly clean home it is so relaxing. So anyway I have been able to get a lot done I was behind on my laundry and I am almost caught up. ( I get behind because it takes my dryer 2 to 3 hours to dry sometimes, we need a new one but that is a large chunk of change that will have to wait for) and then I unloaded, purged and reorganized our master closet, changed the sheets and cleaned up the room in general. Down stairs got pretty well cleaned now all that is left is putting away clothes and cleaning the kids areas up. I say this because I know how cleaning and keeping our house neat is a never ending battle and so I thought w might need a little encouragement today, I know I do! Have a great rest of the day ladies and as my little one says give them snuggles!

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  1. PS I just read your "long road" page and so felt for you. I have watched my mom have a heart attack. (Praise God, she is still with us and very healthy). I have watched my father in law have a mini stroke (ditto my mom). I have been angry and lost on my faith journey and spiraling so far from god. And, I have been brought back -- more than once.

    I am so very grateful that God draws straight with our crooked lines and so encouraged when I recognize Him doing so. He never turns from us even when we turn from him. You know that, though...

    So, remain encouraged. Count blessings. And, bask in god's graces!