Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Book Cover: Best Store Ever

Okay ladies all of you I think will be very interested in this place. Even if you don't homeschool or maybe you just want to homeshool untill kinder or maybe just need some things to do so they don't forget everything over the summer waiting for school to start. I live in Fort Worth, TX but ladies if you don't live here please hang on with me because I have ways you can use and benefit from this store. The name is The Book Cover. It is a homeschool resale shop! Yes I was super excited to find it because I had been chatting with Martianne @ traininghappyhearts.blogspot.com about wanting to start homeschooling but it needed to be affordble for my husband to jump on board because we are on a tight budget. Well here is the answer.
First, let me tell you a little about the store and then I will show you what I got. It is not a huge store but it is a good nice size and they try so much to keep everything as organized as possible so there is plenty of room. Each section is labeled oh but before I get to that let me tell you about the corner of the store that is for the kids, it has a kitchen, a train table with tracks and train, there is a baby bouncer, stroller, books, and many other misc toys. This was the best shopping experience I have ever had, my kids went to play and usually they are so loud and fight over toys and they were the quiet kids and they never raised there voices and they didn't have any disagreements and I spent about 45 miutes to an hour looking around. I have never gone into any store with my two kids and came out so relaxed and not frazzled so thank you book cover for you kids corner. Now back to the shelves everything is really well organized and labeled by subject or topic there are shelves just or manipulatives, games and even craft supplies they had styrofoam balls, pipe cleaners etc, you get my drift. They also have several shelves in the math section for math manipulatives. They have lots of story book as well and I am not sure because I didn't venture over there but looked like maybe a paperback book section for older kids. The staff was so friendly and the Lady that helped me bless her heart I asked her a bazillion questions but she was so patient with me. Also the gentleman that checked me out not sure of his name but this cute little blond girl called him papa so I think that could be his name. Was so kind while checking me out he had even forgot to give me my reciept and a frequent shopper card and can you believe he came out to my car to give it to me. I was so impressed. Over all I would give this star 10 stars. Now I will tell you about how you can use this store no matter where you live.
You can shop online as well as the in store option. Web address is http://www.the-book-cover.com/index.htm so if you live out of state you can even look for things. Also you must read their consignement option you can bring things in or ship them to them, and they have an example of if you were to ship it and thought it wouldn't be worth it that you can still make some money. I think we are going to start doing that because we have way to many books around here and that way we can put it up for a store credit to use on materials.
Now on to the really good stuff after tax today I spent $38 and some change and this is what I got.

These are two 25 piece puzzles and one is short o sounds and one is short e sounds.
This is  super cute little wooden box that has four small wooden puzzles in it. I love this beause it seems all the cardboard puzzles get chewed up.
This is a wooden box with magnetic princess dresses and accessories that are wooden. This I will actually use in the car for madyson to keep her entertained.
These are our manipulaties, which I was so excited to find all these and if you price these new they cost over thirty dollars just for these three sets of things. So I got a huge bargain.
Lastly some learning books and first readers and one stencil book for our friend. They have tons of super cute first readers I got 11 of them packaged in a bag together for $2.

Wasn't that great our new school room is off to a great start and we are just beggining. I am so excited to have foud this and I will add a few printable lessons to this and we will have complete school weeks yeah for that. 
I want to say a super special thanks to The Book Cover for being so awesome and affordable for me to be able to teach my children at home for a while! Thank you.
Everyone please check out there site you can search for anything and if you live close go check out their store.  Have a blessed afternoon!


  1. I am so happy you found this store and were able to ask questions there, get bargains and , simply, be encouraged. God sometimes works in very concrete ways, huh?

    Thank you for sharing. I am headed over to the store's website to check things out.

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