Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Clothes out the Ears!!!

How many outfits do you think kids should have?

Well a fellow blogger had written about this and I thought I would tackle it as well today. When do you think your kids have to many clothes? How much is enough? Well for my son we always have enough well more than enough clothes because we are blessed to have a friend who's son is a size bigger and so we get all his outgrown clothes. For my daughter I only buy things on clearence but this can add up. I really hate doing laundry and really I think the worst part is the putting away because I have to lug everything back upstairs, which I don't want to do and so I get lazy and live out of baskets or I get backed up and have to much laundry to do and then it is this horrible vicious cycle.

So a few weeks ago I went through and purged my daugters clothes and my sons, took all the winter stuff out and then pulled out any summer stuff that didn't fit. I realized my daughter needed more shirts and pj's so we have gotten more shirts and I am waiting for jammies to be on sale. Now we have 10 tops, that gives us one for each day of the week, plus three extra in case we get super dirty or have an acident, it is summer and we spend a ton of time outside. We have 7 to 10 pair of shorts and capris combined, she has several pair of leggins or comfy cotton pants she naps in those and we have three pair of jammies. For the kids clothes I only wash once a week because it takes a whole week for them to fill a load except for my daughters jammies. Oh yes and she has 4 dresses and 2 skirts. 

Well this purging helped us so much I can't believe how much it has helped keep things more organized.

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