Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Blessings Galore!

Well ladies I have to tell you how blessed I am this week. As you may have read my husband and I had hit a rough patch about a week or two ago. You know ladies we all hit a rough patch now and again. Well even though we know the Lord is always working he was deffinantly showing himself this last time.

My husband is not a christian and has never gone to church. Well through all the things that happend and pain and tears my husband attended church with us last Sunday and not only that he went to Sunday school and the service. Such a huge step for my husband because he has really bad anxiety as well which can be a crutch to not go but also can be really bothersome. Well I was so proud to have him there and the kids couldn't believe that daddy wasn't just helping me get them in the car but also going with us. Also he is on a business trip and today I got a text that said he couldn't wait to get home to see us and couldn't wait to go to church on Sunday since he would know a few people now. I am so excited I wanted to just scream for joy. The Lord is working and he is so good. I just pray that the Lord will prick his heart to want to go and be a Godly Man and Father for his family.

Also I pray that I will show him with my actions what a christian life is and what it looks like. It will be a long road for him to get there and I know there will be stumbling blocks in the way but I pray that the Lord will protect him from satan and all his enemies!

Thank you ladies for letting me share this exciting bit of news with you, also on a lighter note I have killed all of my herbs so if anyone knows a way I can grow them without killing them hit me up! Thanks

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