Feeling Like a Girl Challenge!

"You should always get up every morning and fix yourself up, it will let your husband know you care."

These are the words my grandmother use to tell me! She didn't mean I had to put on tons of make up and put my hair into a formal look. But that each day should get up and get dressed don't roll out of bed in jammies and stay that way all day hoping to get your teeth brushed. Well I am really bad about just putting my hair in a pony tail and wearing comfy clothes, kind of like work out clothes all though I am not actually working out. So when I came accross this challenge the other day on another blog I thougt that sounds good I think I am going to try it! First, because I think it will make me feel better and also I know my husband likes it when I look nice and I am here to make my husband happy!

Okay the challenge is to be fearlessly feminine for a whole week. Many ladies do this all the time and believe you should and that is so great invite friends and family to join. The Lord says we should dress modestly and according to our gender. Now in our time according to your gender has changed some as for when my grandma was my age ladies didn't wear pants so pretty much all you bought or made was dresses and skirts! Anyways ladies I am posting more off the site bellow and if you want to join me in being fearlessly feminine for a week jump in post a comment and leave your blog site so we can check you out being fearlessly feminine and having a good time doing it!

Challenge info:
The challenge is to wear only skirts/dresses for an entire week (7 days.) Post some pictures on your blog and show us some of your outfits. If you don’t have exactly 7 different skirts, that’s alright. Mix and match with different shirts. If you’d like, post every day of your challenge week and show us what you wore like the other ladies did, and be creative! You can easily be modest and fashionable at the same time. Being modest and feminine doesn’t mean wearing a skirt that covers your toes and a shirt that comes all the way up to your neck, or has dull colors. No! You can be modest, feminine, lovely, beautiful and stylish all at the same time! Put on a hat if you want; Dress up with some jewelry and fix your hair in a lovely fashion. Fix your hair a different way each day of the challenge week. Be creative and try new hairstyles. Show us pictures of daily activities of you in your skirts. Show us how you can look modest and feminine, yet with some added style.

I’ve heard a lot of girls tell me that they don’t like wearing skirts because they can’t be active in them. I very much so disagree. I’ve worn skirts everyday of my life for since 2005 and they haven’t stifled my activity in th least. I still do all the things I used to do, but in a more mindful and ladylike way. Try it.

Already Wear Skirts?

If you already wear skirts on a regular basis, please don’t let that stop you. Participate anyway! This is for all ladies – ask your mother, sisters, grandmas, aunts, and girlfriends to do it with you!

The Goal Of The Challenge:

As our Mission Statement says we want to encourage, inspire, and challenging young ladies to rediscover the treasure of dressing in a feminine manner. Doing some evaluating of yourself at the end of the week and compare it to your regular way of dress. These questions should help you along:

How was the experience for you?

Any particular stories?

Did wearing skirts rather than pants affect the way you felt?

The way you felt about yourself?

The way you acted?

The way you carried yourself?

Were you able to go about everyday activity as freely as pants?

How did people respond?

Were you more respected?

Did you feel more like a lady?

After the challenge do you desire to keep wearing skirts more regularly, or were you desperate to wear pants again?