Squirt's and Furs

Well I thought I would write a little bit about all my kiddos, my husband came up with these names we have two children of the human variety. We have big Squirt that is Madyson she is three years old and a super out going girl who starts talking the moment her eyes pop open in the morning until they go to sleep at night.

Second, we have little squirt his name is Major, and he is a mommas boy and he is a lover and loves his big sister so much and can't wait to play with her everyday.

Now we have two children of the furry kind, Big Fur, this is Sammy, short for samantha, she is a black and silver 3 year old german shepheard. She is extremely protective of me and the kids and anytime someone gets close to our house she lets them know that there is a big fur inside here.

Lastly we have our little fur, she is our 4year old calico cat named emma, she is so sweet and loves everyone and is very needy of affection. She is our sweetheart.

This is our family, full of love and fur!