Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tremendous Tuesdays!

Spring Cleaning with Ordinary Inspiraions!

Okay ladys, lets do something tremendous today. That is something huge. Maybe you clean way to much, well lets take an extra hour to play with the kids. Maybe, your house is never tidy lets try to do that before our husband gets home, maybe your huge thing is something fun today a trip to the library or zoo. Be creative and have fun it doesn't have to cost anything to do something tremendous just do it. We are going to the library today. That is always a fun adventure. Leave a comment and let us all know what you are doing today! Have a great day everyone!

This is my upstairs Linen Closet! I only keep Blankets and sheet sets and extra paper towels and tissue. Well it isn't terrible but it could deffinantly be better and it always drives me nuts.

Here is everything Itook out and this will not be going back in. the large stacks are baby blankets. There are two space bags and I will finish filling them and then flatten and they will be sliding under my bed.

The mostly finished closet, I am trying to containerize when possible so  had an empty plastic basket lying around so I labeled it pillowcases and that is the only thing in there. Also on that shelf are sheets for the larger beds. The shelf above has the kids blankets and a couple fleece blankets.Also in the middle are all the sheets for my son toddler bed.The bottom shelf has my toddler bed covers that keep things dry. It seems so empty now but the empty shelf in the middle is going to house our games I have to move them there. I also opted to move tissue and papertowels downstairs.


  1. Great job.I find that doing one little thing in the direction one wants to go, e.g. cleaning or organising, makes one feeling accomplished and encouraged. All the best to you and your family.

  2. YOU DID wonderful! Great pictures. Doesn't it feel so great!

    Come check out the party today. You can link up with this post and/or a new post of what you learned, advice about cleaning.

    Thanks friend!