Friday, April 30, 2010

Fabulous Fridays!

Well today is a good day! Isn't ladies, the sun or clouds came up again today (depending where you are at). The clock is still ticking, our kids are still a little crazy but all fun. Life is good. I am taking a new look on things trying to be more positive and not so down. I have always been a down person, probably because I was told a lot you could do better even though you got an A you could have gotten an A+ and many things like that. I have been realizing that even though we say I am not going to parent my kids this way or that way what ever it may be. I have found I am just like my parents, to harsh, expect way to much (I think we should expect their potiential not have over expectations) and over react.

I have two beautiful children a three and two year old, my older is extremely intelligent, her favorite word to use right now is agitate. She is extrememly over active as well and can't sit still to save anyones life. Sometimes it just drives me nuts but I am working on not getting so nuts. Then there is my little two year old who copies everything his sister does and says everything she says although he has no idea what it means.

My goal for the next couple of months is not only about training my children but training myself to stay calm and to teach them that they will do what they are told when I am talking in a calm voice because that is all they will get out of me I am not going to raise my voice at them to get them to do what is right.

Now ladies on the weightloss front I did very well the week my husband and I had a blowout, I was so distraught about the things that had happened I didn't have much appitite and when I was mad I was running like crazy trying to get rid of my anger and so I lost 10 pounds in like 5 days but we all knw that wasn't reall weight loss so after going ou of town making some bad choices I am back at sqaure one although I have lost 2 pounds from eating healthy and excersising I know I will have more next week!

Have a great weekend ladies and I will see you again Monday!

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