Friday, April 30, 2010

Fablously Fun Friday!

Okay ladies I have really been debating on whether or not to do this but I think it will be really fun. I have been working with my three year old on pre-school activities, we don't qualify for pre-school and can't afford it so I am going to have to get her through until school starts for kinder in a year. Yes she will be going to a school outside of my house right now I am hoping to get her into a charter school we have here it is fabulous but we have to be of kinder age first. Anyway, I don't know about you ladies but I am always trying to find activities to do and ones that aren't expensive and so I thought we will start a swap. This will be very fun. We will do an activity swap I am also considering a kind of pen pal swap later as well. I am going to put the requirements down and if you are intersted leave a comment so I can get your info.

All of the activities will be sent to me that way I know exactly who participated, so if you don't send something you won't get anything back. We will all create or put together 5 activites and snd them to me and then when they are all in I will redistribute them and send them back out and you will get five new activities for you and your child to enjoy. This will be so fun we have done this one before and my daughter had a blast with the stuff we got. so put your thinking caps on and get to getting.

Also ladies if you want to share this on your blog to invite more people to join in please do so, just make sure you link back here and make sure that they follow me that way I can know they are a really wanting to do this I want to keep up with everyone! Thanks ladies oh yes also the deadline to sign up by will be the end of next week. Thanks

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