Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I’m participating in Kitchen Stewardship’s Spring Cleaning Carnival, Get the Antibacterials Out. Also a GiveAway

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Okay  we are in the kitchen, for me my husband is out of town for the week and while I miss him terribly, I do like the fact that I can work on big projects because if I don't finish I can leave it and get up and work on it the next morning. So we are in the kichen and if you have a lot of time then lets tackle all the cabinets and pantry if not then just choose one or two cabinets or maybe just the pantry and lets get to cleaning. Don't take on to much at one time though because you don't want to get overwhelmed. Here is what you should do to get a good cleaning.

Lets say you are working on your pantry you should first make a plan just a simple one of what you want this space to be, does it hold all your food. Does it just hold certain items etc.

Now lets clean it out, I use my kitchen table I pull it into the middle of my kitchen and pull everything out on the table.
Sorry it is sideways I forgot to fix a couple of them so they are sideways, here is my table I have moved.

Here is all of my stuff on my table now my pantry is empty. Now you need to go through everthing make sure there isn't anything that is so out of date you can't eat it. Also if there are a bunch of things in there that you thought you would eat or your kids said they wanted but havn't eaten put it in a box to take to a local food bank.

Now wipe down all of your shelves and you might even want to put some new contact paper down to liven it up. I didn't do that because I am trying to do all this organizing without spending a dime because there are no dimes to spend in this house. So I know you can do it too. Don't stress!

Now you can start organizing and putting things back. I consolidated and I tried to containerized things that were alike. Also I want you to know that I did not spend a dime on this I hunted arount my house for bins or baskets that I was not using. So everything you will see in the following pictures I already had.

Okay ladies I want to see you spring cleaning challenge, maybe it was a closet or pantry or maybe your whole house! Leave a comment with your blog post if you have one, if not just let us kno what you did. The Challenge will be open until the beginning of April I will set a date soon! So start cleaning and posting.

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