Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Little Green Project!

All right Laura at Heavenly Homemakers is having a little green project again this year. I was sitting there reading and thinking well what am I really doing that is green right now. I try to do things around the house I like making my own detergent all though right now we are using some from the store that was given to us so I didn't want to post about that so I was thinking and then a light bulb went off. Of course, I am going to be planting my garden this week so I will post about that. We won't have a big garden for two reasons this is my first garden and second we are not so sure about tearing up part of our backyard yet because it is not that large. If things go well this year I may build some raised garden boxes for next year. This year I am planting in some very large planters I have. We will have Tomatos, Onions, Green Beans, Jalapnos, and hot red peppers. I am also going to try potatos Laura talked about planting them in a trashcan so I think w are going to try it. I don't have any pictures yet to post but as we get started on it this week I will post some! This is my green thing for the summer, I will save a little money and eat some healthy veggies! Make sure to Head over to Laura's Heavenly Homemakers page and link up your green project!

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